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In 21st century, Japan will face the most rapid aging society of its time in comparison with other countries in the world. As Japan’s elder population increases at a fast rate the demand for a better health service is needed to manage the situation.

In 1971, Houei Group was established with a philosophy of providing our residents and their family with “Respect and Loving Heart” and continuously addressing the aging society the values of having a “Cheerful, Healthy and Energetic Life.”

With all the volunteers and family members support, our company has launch a theme called a “Tender Touch like a Flower” to commenced and developed health service, medical treatment and geriatric healthcare through out the facilities.

When Houei Group was first established, it started with Hobouen mainly as a nursing home facility. Then, in 1982, as the elder community continuously to grow, we instituted “Hobouen Day Care Facility” and other medical facilities such as clinics to be able to offer an overall healthcare services to elderly and to those who continually living at their respective home in the community.

And now we also provide Long-term care with different kind of condition to meet their needs with various services such as group homes, day care services for cognitive impaired elderly, In-home services, short-term stay to provide better assessment, and Apartments for elderly.

Our company is very much dedicated on constantly providing quality service and care to the elderly. As a result we will continuously improve and develop new ideas and techniques to offer excellent care and eminence services to ensure the well-being and the quality of life for the elderly.

In behalf of the Houei Group, I would like to thank you for all the support that we obtained from the community and through your assistance we will continually to grow as a corporation enriched with love and respect for life.


Yutaka Shimizu
President and CEO of Houei Group

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